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Details of the Kathmandu to London tour, October-November 1979

by Nick Whetstone.

The Khyber Pass, Afghanistan.

This was not so much a 'tour' as a dash from Kathmandu to the UK where Tim Harrison's wife, Sylvie was due to give birth to their first child four weeks after we left Kathmandu. I don't know what the record is for that journey but anyone doing it in under four weeks was quite lucky.

Due to pressure of time, we were only able to get a handful of passengers assembled in Kathmandu although we would pick up several more in Delhi. On this trip, I was not only a passenger but co-driver as well making it all the more exciting.

I have divided the description of this journey into the following four sections:

Kathmandu to Lahore
Lahore to Isfahan
Isfahan to Istanbul
Istanbul to London

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