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Gainclone Gallery page 5 (buffered Gainclones).

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Pedja Rogic's GC with J-Fet buffer. Pedja's Rogic's Gainclone which uses a J-Fet buffered front end and low pass filter. Pedja Rogic's GC. Pedja describes his findings with the buffer and LPF on his site.

Peter Moore's very neat valve-buffered Gainclones. Peter Moore's very beautifully implemented valve-buffered Gainclone based on an idea by Joe Rasmussen. Monoblock design with a separate volume control and PSU housing. Peter Moore's power supply case. All the transformers and part of the PSU are housed in a separate case. The GC supply is the 'super' PSU using four transformers!
Internal view of one of Peter Moore's monoblocks There's quite a bit inside those small cases but Peter has managed to keep it all very tidy. Side view of one of Peter Moore's monoblocks. Using the small case required some ingenuity; hence the top-mounted heatsink and PSU socket.

Nick Whetstone's OPA 627 buffered Gainclone. A mock up of my own buffered Gainclone using an OPA627 based buffer and an LPF. OPA 627 buffer circuit and LPF. The actual buffer and filter circuit. Full details HERE.

Nick Whetstone's valve-buffered Gainclone. My own valve-buffered Gainclone. Full details HERE. A really superb sounding amplifier Valve buffer circuit. The actual buffer circuit inclusive of valve PSU circuits. Really not too difficult to build even if you have no experience of valves. The valve runs from +/- 37 volt rails.

Piero's valve-buffered Gainclone. Piero built his own integrated VBIGC using an original plywood case, lined with aluminium foil for shielding purposes. Piero's valve-buffered Gainclone. Piero used the 'standard Joe Rasmussen design but using a separate tube for each channel.

Marc's valve-buffered Gainclone. Marc Gautsch from France produced this very original design for his VBIGC! And the finish inside and out is superb too. Marc's valve-buffered Gainclone. The H-frame wooden chassis places the PSU section underneath the amplifier section.
PSU section of Marc's valve-buffered Gainclone. Marc's attention to detail and neatness with his layout produced a very professional looking result. Here is the PSU section with extra transfomrers for the valve buffer. Interior view of Marc's valve-buffered Gainclone. Another interior view showing just how neat that wiring is. The whole layout has obviously been carefully thought out and executed with care and precision.

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